Advance Tech, Inc

We develop, manufacture, and offer services to the promotional/premium, electronics, commercial, small industrial, medical and other industries for Prototype and Production utilizing our experience to achieve the highest quality to maximize our performance and focus our core processes and value added manufacturing in the following areas:

  • Pad Printing
    • Sonic welding
    • Heat staking
    • Hot stamp
    • Assembly
  • Packaging
    • Bagging
    • Boxing
  • Prototyping
    • Injection/Insert Molding
    • Low Pressure Molding
    • SLA
    • SLS
    • FDM
    • Rubber molding
    • Urethane casting
    • Prototype tooling, Aluminum, Pre-hard, Hardened
  • Production/Injection Molding (0.5 gram weight per part up to 200 ton press size)

ASI #700360 and ASI #109016

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